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You are viewing this page on a smartphone, right?

Chances are you've not done the vocal recording on your smartphone. So if you want to send me your files, please use either your laptop or desktop computer.

The upload form will appear there. It's magic ;-)

Please use the multi-step form below to send me your vocal recordings. Make sure you provide me with as much information as possible to ensure the best overall result!
Your personal information will be used to contact you if necessary. Also the information provided here will be used to create the invoice.

Would you rather use your own Email application or a service like WeTransfer to send me your files and song information? Use this address to do so: SubmissionsEmail

P.s. Are you Dutch? So am I! Feel free to use your native tongue ;-)

Please provide me with as much information about the song as possible.

Please provide the complete song title

Set the root key of your song

Select your song's key signature


Use the range slider to set the tempo of your song

Include any song information like what you want corrected, how subtle or strong the tuning must be applied or what sections you want me to leave alone. If you want me to shift specific notes please tell me where they are in relation to the song and what note you need it to be shited to.

Please provide me with both the vocal recordings as-well as a reference file that includes both vocals and any musical accompaniment.

Your audio files should be the raw/original file without any compression, equalizing and/or effects applied. Bounce each vocal recording as a separate audio file in either WAV of AIFF format. You can upload multiple files.

Indicate in the file name wether it's a lead vocal of backing vocal track (use a file name like [SONG TITLE]-leadvoc or [SONG TITLE]-backvoc).

Only the reference file may be an MP3 file.

Note: you can upload one song at a time. The song may contain multiple audio vocal recordings though!

Do you have any questions about your audio file? Please review the FAQ. Here you will find the answers to the most questions. After reading the FAQ you can always return to the upload form.

Your personal data is used to contact you if necessary. An invoice is created using the personal data you have provided. The song's information together with the audio files are used to process the vocals. The audio files are stored on a secure server. At no point will I claim the rights to your song or share your music or any other personal information.

Although I store your files in a secure environment, you remain responsible for your files. So make sure you keep the originals safe and create a backup if you haven't done so!

Company info

Tune My Tune is based in the Netherlands. So why all the English you ask?

My service and music in general doesn't limit itself to just the Dutch, and since English is a pretty common language I use it on my site.

But even though it's the site's main language, you can approach me in Dutch any time! Gezellig ;-)

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