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How it works

You send me your vocal recordings as separate audio files in either WAV or AIFF format.
These should be the original recordings, without any processing like compression, equalizing or effects applied.
The vocal recording should be bounced from start to finish. If you send me just a short chorus I won't be able to tell where it should go in relation to the song and therefore won't be able to adjust the pitch correctly.

Also include any musical accompaniment like the band or any other instruments as a separate audio file. This will provide me with a reference so I know what notes are intended.

Provide additional information like tempo and key of the song.

Note: Don't send me an MP3 file of the vocals. These are compressed. Only the reference file may be an MP3

Within 24 hours you will receive an mp3 version of your vocal recording(s) for you to judge.

If you're happy with the result, I'm happy!
If not, please let me know what parts of the vocals need further changes. I will then make one more pass to your vocals.

After final approval en payment you will receive the final, high quality version (WAV or AIFF, just as you prefer) of your recording which you will be able to process in any way you like!

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Company info

Tune My Tune is based in the Netherlands. So why all the English you ask?

My service and music in general doesn't limit itself to just the Dutch, and since English is a pretty common language I use it on my site.

But even though it's the site's main language, you can approach me in Dutch any time! Gezellig ;-)

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