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  • What is pitch correction?

    Adjustments of individual notes in a vocal performance to match the musical key of a song.

  • What is vocal tuning?

    Noticeably or subtly manipulate a singer's performance by correcting errors in pitch. Basically the same as pitch correction…

  • What's the difference between pitch shifting and pitch correction?

    Pitch shifting basically means changing an intended note to something different. This change will result in a different melody. Pitch correction is more subtle and doesn't change a note. It only makes it more in tune with the musical key of the song.

  • What are the limits of pitch shifting?

    If you want your vocals to sound natural notes shouldn't be shifted up or down more than a minor third. Anything above that will make your vocals sound unnatural.

  • What genres can you work with?

    Basically any genre. It doesn't matter if you send me a Metal or a Classical vocal. I can deal with all sorts!

  • Can you edit and mix my vocals?

    Although it's not included in my services for now, I can do it. Please use the contact form to send me special request like this.

  • Do I send mono or stereo files?

    The vocal files should always be mono. The reference file can be stereo though.

  • Can I upload multiple songs at once?

    The upload form is designed to send one song at a time. If you have multiple songs you can use the form multiple times though by refreshing the page after completing the upload form. If you use the same personal details every time I will combine your order. If you send me more then 5 lead vocals or 10 backing vocals for me to process you will receive the 10% discount!

  • Can I send you one audio file with multiple voices?

    Although I'm able to proces polyphonic audio files and distinguish individual notes, tuning or correcting a polyphonic file will make it harder for me to make the right changes. So please send each vocal as separate mono audio file for the best results

  • Can I use audio files recorded with my smartphone?

    It's all about the quality of the recording. Best results are made with a decent, dedicated microphone. But if your only means of recording is your smartphone, make sure all the conditions like proximity to the sound source (vocalist), elimination of background noise etc. are met. I can't guarantee the best results if you record using a smartphone, but I'll give it my best shot!

  • Are my files safe?

    All your files are stored on a secure server in The Netherlands.

  • What if I loose my original audio files?

    Although I store your files in a secure location, you remain responsible for your audio files. So make sure you have a good backup!

  • What about the author's rights?

    Your song remains your song! At no point will I claim any rights to it.

  • Will my recordings go public?

    In no way, shape or form will I disclose the information and files you provide. You remain the sole owner of your creative work.

  • Can you make my choir sound in tune?

    Yes I can! Providing you have a separate recording for each singer and there's not too much bleeding (also referred to as 'Spill') in the audio file

    What is bleed/spill and how can I avoid it?

  • Can you make timing changes?

    This isn't included in the services for now. But if you send me your request using the contact form we can talk about the options.

  • What results can I expect?

    I can do wonders, but don't expect miracles ;-) Most minor and subtle pitch correction can be done without artifacts, but it does depend on the quality of the source file. So make sure you record with a decent microphone, don't record too loud (as this might introduce clipping or distortion, so leave some headroom) or too soft (this will make it harder for me to detect the right notes and might introduce to much background noise in relation to the vocals).

  • Can you shift the whole key of a recorded vocal?

    Yes I can, but within limits. Depending on the quality of the recording and the character of the singer I can move it up or down a minor third. More than that will make the vocals sound unnatural.

  • How do I bounce a vocal track from beginning to end?

    That really depends om the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) you're using. The most commonly used in a professional setting are Protools and Logic Pro X. Here are some links explaining how the bouncing process works:

    Bounce in Logic Pro X
    Bounce in Protools

    If you're using a different DAW please refer to the help files provided in your application or contact the developer.

  • Can you make me sound like a robot?

    Sure I can! This effect, most commonly referred to as the Cher or T-Pain effect can be heard on many recordings. Basically it will pull all the sung notes to specific intervals set in the auto-tune software to make it sound more 'robotic'.

    But in all seriousness… really? Although I can do it, I'm not a huge fan. It's an effect that doesn't specifically require a good set of ears. Just set all the notes to 100% tuning. So unless you really, really want me to do this I'd much rather keep the human feel of your vocals intact ;-)

  • Can you do any compression, equalizing or add effects?

    This is not included in my services for now. My main focus is on tuning your vocals. Please refer to your studio technician for any additional processing.


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