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TUNE MY TUNEVocal tuning done right!

You've just recorded a great vocal take! But there are some pitch imperfections you need corrected.
Your studio time is precious, so you don't want to be spending lots of time and energy fixing this issue.
Maybe the singer has already left the building and is not able to come back and do some additional takes.
Or maybe you just don't have the right tools for the job…

Have your vocals tuned and corrected professionally by Tune My Tune without them ending up sounding like a robot.
Don't get stuck on these technical issues so you can continue being creative!

Using professional tools, a deep knowledge of music theory and above all a very good set of ears I can make corrections to your vocal recordings while still having them sound completely human, natural and in tune!

Who is it for?

Vocalists (professional ánd amateur!)
Recording artists
Studio technicians
Vocal ensembles
A Cappella groups

How does it work?

Send me your uncompressed, untreated vocal recordings. I will tune them based on your needs and requirements.
Within 24 hours you will receive your vocal files with just the right amount of tuning, pitch correction and/or pitch shifting!


Listen to samples taken before and after tuning. These are only the vocal recordings. No musical accompaniment and little if no editing, equalizing and/or effects to give you an honest sound so you can focus on the details.

Some have been tuned very subtle… but I guess that's the whole point, right?

  1. Ballad - before
  2. Ballad - after
  3. Classical - before
  4. Classical - after
  5. A Cappella - before
  6. A Cappella - after
  7. Metal - before
  8. Metal - after
  9. Pop - before
  10. Pop - after

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That's it!

No mixing mastering, compression, equalizing or effects included in the service.
All focus is on pitch correction and tuning your vocals.

If you need me to further process your files though you can always send me a special request by using the contact form.

Company info

Tune My Tune is based in the Netherlands. So why all the English you ask?

My service and music in general doesn't limit itself to just the Dutch, and since English is a pretty common language I use it on my site.

But even though it's the site's main language, you can approach me in Dutch any time! Gezellig ;-)

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